V  I  C  B  I  O

The Victrola band was initially formed as a rock group by Antonino Eze Cuscinà on guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals, Carlo Smeriglio on guitar, keys and vocals, Tobia Squitieri on bass and Nino Belmonte on drums. Although they were influenced by diverse artists of the 70’s & 80’s music scene, soon they got their own style gaining a certain local notoriety. In 1980 they sent an audio cassette to the Rockerilla fanzine editorial staff containing their first songs which caused a positive interest around the band that was soon after contacted to participate to Gathered, album compilation of various groups of the Italian underground scene of the time. Into his gloves was the chosen song and that was the fortunate start of Victrola band story.
That was the 1981 and in the 1983 the band, reduced to electro-duo Eze & Carlo, released their first and only vinyl 12″ EP for the Electric Eye Records thanks to Rockerilla people: Maritime Tatami/Game of despair.
In 2015 the record has been remastered and published again by Dark Entries Records thanks to Josh Cheon.
Nino & Carlo on stage in Messina
Eze and Tobia on stage in Messina
Victrola Band on stage in Volterra
Manifesto of ’81 Victrola concert in Messina

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